Preorder The Mount St-Hilaire Enigma

Welcome! Our last film, The Mount St-Hilaire Enigma, will take flight November 30th 2017, on screens. However, it will be also possible to watch the film on Vimeo, on December 1st 2017, in Canada, and January 1st, 2018, for the rest of the world. It’s already possible to buy preorder tickets, to see the movie…

Call for tenders – Event

ADD: Answers to certain questions: Appel d’offres – Réponses 1.0 For the premiere of his documentary – L’Énigme du Mont Saint-Hilaire, the Productions Portail 626 Inc. company asks to the companies interested to send him a tender of their prices and services, for their event services. The call to tender ends Friday 20th, at 5:00…

Mont St-Hilaire Enigma and Corporate videos

Welcome! We are working for months on a feature-length documentary and we have finished this project! Last news, the release of the film will be October 13th, 2017. We have now a page and some promotional articles linked to this movie, that we’ll update in time. To visit, click on these links: We’ve also…

Crowdfunding – Documentary L’Énigme du Mont St-Hilaire

Welcome! We are working for months on a feature film documentary and to complete it, we have started a crowdfunding campaign. We’ve got 42% of our objective and we need you to achieve it! We are working to produce a documentary, which is called L’Énigme du Mont-Saint-Hilaire (The St-Hilaire Enigma). This movie shows the mysteries,…

Researcher internship

Many projects are being made by our production! So we are looking for an intern researcher URGENT, for a maximum period of two months. If you are interested, please contact us at:, with your resume. We await your application!

New corporate videos

We added two new corporate videos in our video account, that you could view here. The first video has been made in collaboration with Caroline Mille, Osteopath in Beloeil, who excels in this field for years. The second video has been made in collaboration with Lucie Gamache, Neuro-linguistic programmation in Otterburn Park. She treats clients…

New Year!

Welcome to you all! To start the new year, we are pleased to wish you health, joy, happiness and prosperity for 2016! Gate 626 Productions

Portail Sciences – Episodes

It’s our pleasure to present you 10 episodes of our scientific show, Portail Sciences. You can watch it, by clicking here, or by scrolling down: Television – Portail Sciences. Good show!

Corporate videos

We added the “Corporate videos” section. This service we provide, gives a better visibility to the promotion of a product or idea. You can contact us for more information and you can look at our last creations!